Cost of Installing a Fiberglass Pool

Our base pricing ranges from $25,000 to $49,000, but this covers all of our sizes.  Our base price includes:  installation, hauling off of dirt, five feet of concrete around the pool, pump, filter, manual maintenance equipment to clean the pool, automatic cleaner, salt chlorinator ( highly recommended with fiberglass pools ), cantilever concrete coping, LED lights in the pool, and the electrical hook-up.  We feel firmly that we offer the highest quality pools available in the fiberglass pool market, as well as the highest quality workmanship as far as the installation of pools.  We handle all of the installation process, so therefore you will not be dealing with subs throughout your process. If you may need some assistance with financing or just some more great informationyou can look at our incredibly informative pool blog.

Links to the blog and financing information:    

Additional Upgrades:

  • perimeter tile
  • pavers
  • retaining walls
  • heaters
  • slides
  • water features
  • mini jets
  • spa jets


What to expect when rock is an issue when having a pool installed.