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Pool Quality - How is it measured for consumers?

Posted byJosh Bush on Wed, Dec 07, 2011 @ 11:12 AM

Leisure fiberglass pools

Created by Bonnie Forsyth.

ICC What is it andwhv should I care?

Part One : What is it?

As a homeowner,you are always given the new "hot term"or "marketing

pitch"of why something is better. We understand that everyone can have a

claim to fame and frankly it can be overwhelming sometimes to sort the fact from the fiction.

This is why we wanted to talk about a subject that truly puts the "proof in the pudding".This is
something that you can refer to, is not exclusive to us and more importantly is something that
you should ask for! What is this,you may ask???? lt is your manufacturer's ICC approval certificate! 

For those of us that would like it in layman's terms.....
We have put our product to the highest possible endurance tests and passed!

Passing some of the toughest tests in the marketplace and they have met all of the standards
without being "grandfathered' in as some of our other competitors were in the past.ln XXXXX,
after three and a half years in the application process,LeisurePools was granted lnternational
Code Council (lCC) approval."This is a major milestone for our company" says CEO Ashley
Gill. Leisure Pools was the first company to pass the ICC's new acceptance criteria AC274 and
comply with the entire alternative testing requirements for new entrants."We were told that it
would be extremely difficult to pass but persistence has paid off' says Gill.


IGG What is it andwhvshouldI care?

Part Two : What Does lt Mean To Me?

One of the biggest concerns for the life of your pool is of course what you are going to stare at

every day.... The interior! One of the big alternative tests Leisure Pools had to pass was the

exposure to ultra UV done via a Carbon Arc test. Basically, 'pool samples are exposed to
welding rods in a chamber for 1500 hours continuously (62days). When completed the surface

must not show any UV effects. lt equates to around 30 years UV exposure and the fact that our
pools passed speaks volumes about the quality and integrity of Leisure Pools.

More importantly, did you know that this "standard of construction"is not required across the
country? Did you know that the ICC approval is always subject to inspection and renewal? You

have to build the best and then you have to keep it that way. Leisure is proud to say that we
build in one facility and to a certain level of quality. With that in mind, every pool is built the
same way to ensure that we are always meeting the guidelines expected by us.
Those manufacturer's with multiple facilities (and some with ICC approval on the West Coast
where required) may not follow this same rule of thumb. lf it not being built somewhere where
this is mandatory, how do you know that it is being built the same way?

*PS..... There are no vinyl builders or gunite builders that can pass this test!**

We all want to know that we are making the best investment in the best product that will serve
our families interests for the long haul. This is why we would certainly recommend you research,
ask questions and most importantly...... See if the manufacturer you are looking at purchasing
has been willing to let an independent third party rate and approve their product. lf not, then
there may be "different proof in the pudding down the road"....And that is not always a good

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