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What are the advantages/disadvantages of inground spas?

Posted byJosh Bush on Wed, Apr 20, 2011 @ 11:04 AM

The types of spas that we install here at Earl's Pools are fiberglass spas made by the same manufacturer of pools that we also install.  There are many different things to think about when considering installing an inground spa instead of the conventional portable spa at your residence.


  • The warranty on inground spas exceeds the warranty on portable units.  The warranty on the spas that we install manufactured by Leisure Pools USA carries the same warranty as their pools, which is a fixed 35 year on the structure of the spa and a 15 year warranty pertaining to the color of the spa.
  • The custom rock, tile, or whatever you may choose to venere around the spa allows a look of your own.
  • The many choices of coping that can be placed on top of the spa is unlimited.  Flagstone, brick, pavers, cantilevered concrete, ect..
  • The look you create by installing an inground spa makes the unit look like it actually was meant to be there, instead of just sitting out on your patio.

Classic Sorrento Spa


  • The cost of purchasing an inground spa is greater than a portable unit depending on the options that you choose on either unit.
  • With inground spas you can't easily access the plumbing underneath like you can with portable units, so with inground spas you see much less jets throughout the spa.  The same generally goes to say with lighting options on the spa.
  • Inground spas are installed with the idea that it will stay at that site, but with portable units you can actually move them to different locations.

No matter which spa type you decide to go with there are things to weigh out on what spa application is best for you and your family.

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