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Is Rock a Deal Breaker While Installing A Swimming Pool?

Posted by Josh Bush on Mon, Jun 21, 2010 @ 21:06 PM

Rock in most areas can be expected when looking at the surrounding areas by a knowledgable pool installer.  The main thing with the rock issue is to be prepared for worst case senerio, so your budget will not be maxed out.  As a pool installer, you never know the extent of rock until you actually start the excavation of the hole because not a rock is the same and some may be broken out in layers and others have to be hammered out with a machine.  We at Earl's Pools of Alabama try to educate our customers before hand of the expenses that can be associated with hitting rock during excavation, and on most occasions the customer is told to expect anywhere between two and four thousand dollars at worst case.  Please enjoy the installation video to better understand the process involved with dealing with rock during installation.

Installation video of Riviera 34' while hitting rock in the process.

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