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Why are so many People Interested in Fiberglass Pools?

Posted by Josh Bush on Mon, Apr 26, 2010 @ 17:04 PM




People have never been to enthusiastic about keeping up their pools or water chemistry.  They love to swim and entertain but hate to maintain them.  That's one thing that is so good about fiberglass pools.

  • Fiberglass pools are not pourous so you aren't running that pool pump nonstop to feed more chemicals to the pool for sanitizing the water, since you aren't losing those chemicals through the side walls like you would in vinyl liner and gunite pools.
  • With the slick side walls but textured bottoms it is much harder for algea to form in the pool, which is much different than the abrasive surfaces of gunite pools.
  • With salt systems now on all the pools that we install it keeps the pool maintenance down even that much more.

Being a pool builder I never seem to have time for my own pool maintenance.  Fiberglass pools have made this problem not a problem at all, because I hardly ever have to do anything to my pool.  A good cleaner and salt system eliminates almost all of my pool maintenace.  With the beautiful colors that Leisure Pools has to offer with their patented Aquagaurd Gelcoats, the top of the industry, I can own or install pools that are not only easy to maintain but are beautiful to admire.  The Leisure pools that we offer also have an unsurpased fixed 35 year structural warranty.


Lynn Bush, owner


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Fiberglass pool cost and advantages

Posted by Josh Bush on Wed, Apr 21, 2010 @ 08:04 AM


Earl's Pools prides itself as a family owned business in providing the best quality fiberglass pool manufactured as well as our very own in-house service department to fully meet the needs of our customers.  Customer satisfaction is held in highest regards for our company.

  • We install Leisure fiberglass pools, which is an Australian based company that is light years ahead of the fiberglass pool manufacturers here in the United States. 
  • The Australian pool market is about 60% fiberglass pools, but here in the United States it is about 15%.
  • Leisure pools all come in color, which have their patented aquagaurd gelcoat, that has an unmatched 15 year surface warranty and a 35 year structural warranty.

We have installed an array of pools by different manufactures here in the United States including:  Viking, Ocean Reef, and Sun pools.  In the past three years we have exclusively installed Leisure fiberglass pools.  The difference speaks for itself, so to offer the best fiberglass pool manufactured for our customer we only install Leisure.  All of the other pools that we installed offered a limited lifetime warranty that is only good in Alabama by law for 7 years.

The cost of installing a fiberglass pool ranges from $20,000 to $40,000 on all of the sizes produced by Leisure.  Our base prices include salt chlorinators, lights, slate look cantilever coping, and an automatic cleaner.  Also with our fiberglass pools we offer and specialize in customization of waterfeatures, decking, retainer wall, and anything you can possible want.  Our average job with electrical, fence, and everything you need to start swimming is around $40,000 to $46,000. 

When you look at your investment of a pool you are basically now vacationing at your own house.  Your family will enjoy recreational activities, host parties, and enjoy quality family time in the busy pace of everyday life.  With the fiberglass pools that we offer, and being the easiest maintenance pool there is, you won't be spending a lot of your time working but instead relaxing.  Save those travel expenses and time to spend time where it matters with family.


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