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Birmingham Home and Garden Show 2014

Posted by Trent King on Wed, Feb 12, 2014 @ 15:02 PM

C  Users Owner Pictures pool pictures home and garden

Earl's Pools will once again be at the Birmingham Home and Garden Show. If you're looking to install a pool now or in the early stages of considering a swimming pool, please come by and visit our booth to get educated on fiberglass pool cutting edge technology, pricing, or the process of the installation.

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Buyer Beware: Cheap Price Pool Dealers!

Posted by Josh Bush on Fri, Mar 23, 2012 @ 08:03 AM

Vinyl Liner Pool Nightmare

There are three different options when buying a swimming pool: Fiberglass, Vinyl, and Gunite.  This statement is true but you also have a fourth option that is the most important one of all when building a swimming pool, The Contractor.  We at Earl's Pools specialize in the installation of fiberglass swimming pools, because we believe that they are the best pool offered to consumers.  Not all fiberglass pools are created equal so do your research because the manufacturers of fiberglass pools across the nation have different practices when it comes to the making of a fiberglass pool.

There are a lot of pool dealers that believe the only way they can sell a pool is by being the cheapest.  This doesn't require any selling knowledge of their product but only that they can install a pool cheaper than anyone else.  There are a couple of major reasons they can accomplish this. One, they sell a cheap pool that is manufactured with lower standards on the materials used to make the pool in uncontrolled work environments.  With fiberglass pools, they are mostly made up of resin and with anything there are different grades of resin that can be used to manufacture the pool.  The lower the grade the cheaper cost to manufacture, so the cheaper the pool is to buy.  Two, the contractor cuts corners during installation.  This can be seen by a contractor using something as backfill that has no place around a swimming pool, like sand or even the dirt that is excavated from the hole.  They may also skimp when it comes to the pipe or pipe fittings that may be used underground that the consumer may never see.  They may also cut costs by installing a lower grade filter, pump, lights, salt chlorinator, or automatic cleaner; or they may charge you later for some of these items that aren't included in the initial quote.  Some contractors elect to get the pools they install outfitted from the factory with the skimmer, returns, maindrains, and even perimeter tile because of their lack of experience of installing or pure laziness of not wanting to do it themselves.  During the shipment of the pool any of the fittings may be jarred loose and cause a leak that may be undetected until months after the installation is complete.

Installing an inground pool is not cheap.  Quality is much better than cheap.  When people invest their hard earned money in a pool project they want to be sure they can trust their dealer to use the the best pool and  best materials to construct their backyard paradise.  Don't be afraid to ask questions about the construction of the pool and the process of installation used by different dealers.  Check out the dealer by checking references, insurance, and license.  Feel secure in knowing the installer you decide to use will be using the best pool and materials available for your installation.

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Pool Quality - How is it measured for consumers?

Posted by Josh Bush on Wed, Dec 07, 2011 @ 11:12 AM

Leisure fiberglass pools

Created by Bonnie Forsyth.

ICC What is it andwhv should I care?

Part One : What is it?

As a homeowner,you are always given the new "hot term"or "marketing

pitch"of why something is better. We understand that everyone can have a

claim to fame and frankly it can be overwhelming sometimes to sort the fact from the fiction.

This is why we wanted to talk about a subject that truly puts the "proof in the pudding".This is
something that you can refer to, is not exclusive to us and more importantly is something that
you should ask for! What is this,you may ask???? lt is your manufacturer's ICC approval certificate! 

For those of us that would like it in layman's terms.....
We have put our product to the highest possible endurance tests and passed!

Passing some of the toughest tests in the marketplace and they have met all of the standards
without being "grandfathered' in as some of our other competitors were in the past.ln XXXXX,
after three and a half years in the application process,LeisurePools was granted lnternational
Code Council (lCC) approval."This is a major milestone for our company" says CEO Ashley
Gill. Leisure Pools was the first company to pass the ICC's new acceptance criteria AC274 and
comply with the entire alternative testing requirements for new entrants."We were told that it
would be extremely difficult to pass but persistence has paid off' says Gill.


IGG What is it andwhvshouldI care?

Part Two : What Does lt Mean To Me?

One of the biggest concerns for the life of your pool is of course what you are going to stare at

every day.... The interior! One of the big alternative tests Leisure Pools had to pass was the

exposure to ultra UV done via a Carbon Arc test. Basically, 'pool samples are exposed to
welding rods in a chamber for 1500 hours continuously (62days). When completed the surface

must not show any UV effects. lt equates to around 30 years UV exposure and the fact that our
pools passed speaks volumes about the quality and integrity of Leisure Pools.

More importantly, did you know that this "standard of construction"is not required across the
country? Did you know that the ICC approval is always subject to inspection and renewal? You

have to build the best and then you have to keep it that way. Leisure is proud to say that we
build in one facility and to a certain level of quality. With that in mind, every pool is built the
same way to ensure that we are always meeting the guidelines expected by us.
Those manufacturer's with multiple facilities (and some with ICC approval on the West Coast
where required) may not follow this same rule of thumb. lf it not being built somewhere where
this is mandatory, how do you know that it is being built the same way?

*PS..... There are no vinyl builders or gunite builders that can pass this test!**

We all want to know that we are making the best investment in the best product that will serve
our families interests for the long haul. This is why we would certainly recommend you research,
ask questions and most importantly...... See if the manufacturer you are looking at purchasing
has been willing to let an independent third party rate and approve their product. lf not, then
there may be "different proof in the pudding down the road"....And that is not always a good

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Retaining Walls and Swimming Pools

Posted by Josh Bush on Wed, Dec 07, 2011 @ 10:12 AM

Elegance 40' w/ Retainer Wall

When are Retaining Walls Really Neccessary?

  • Many yards that pools are installed in are not your typical flat area.  We deal with many differences in elevation throughout our area that we install in.  Obviously a pool has to be level, and to achieve that in a lot of cases a retaining wall is needed to level off the desired area where the pool must go.
  • Some installations can be managed with just tractor work and changing the grade of the area, but in many situations we may build a wall of two feet or less at times for the cosmetic enhancement that comes along with the wall and the look it adds to the project.
  • Drainage is one important factor you must consider when installing a pool.  When the pool builder changes grades in a backyard the existing drainage flow goes out the window, so to enable proper drainage away from the house or pool area a retaining wall is needed.

There are many different types of retaining wall materials that are used throughout the nation by different builders.  The main thing that needs to be remembered with retaining walls is that some walls work better for different applications.  For instance, if I were to be installing a vanishing edge pool to where the pool is situated up close to the wall i prefer using a solid poured concrete wall.  If a stacked block wall were used in this process grid is required in accordance with the wall, so therefore I may not be able to place the pool as close to the wall as desired to make sure that my wall was built properly.

Retaining walls do add cost to the overall project, but are sometimes just needed.  They add the curb apeal is some applications, but in some cases add the ability to actually install a pool in some backyards.



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Fiberglass Pool Installation - Winter Advantages

Posted by Lynn Bush on Wed, Dec 07, 2011 @ 10:12 AM


Fiberglass Pool w/ Rock Waterfall

      Anytime is a good time to install a fiberglass pool, but with temperatures not very warm and wet conditions in the winter months the installation of certain pools can be challenging.  Cold weather is not a good time to hang a liner in a vinyl liner installed pool.  Cold and wet weather is not a great time to install a concrete pool because of the curring process and the time it takes.  Anytime is a good time to install a fiberglass pool, due to the elements of weather not delaying or changing the installation process. 

Advantages to Installing your Fiberglass Pool

1.  Installers are generally not as busy and can have more personal time with the buyer.

2.  The buyers have time to have their yard ready by the spring to start enjoying their newly        installed fiberglass pool.

3.  Buyers have more time to think about extra projects such as water features, outdoor kitchens, and fire pits.




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What are the advantages/disadvantages of inground spas?

Posted by Josh Bush on Wed, Apr 20, 2011 @ 11:04 AM

The types of spas that we install here at Earl's Pools are fiberglass spas made by the same manufacturer of pools that we also install.  There are many different things to think about when considering installing an inground spa instead of the conventional portable spa at your residence.


  • The warranty on inground spas exceeds the warranty on portable units.  The warranty on the spas that we install manufactured by Leisure Pools USA carries the same warranty as their pools, which is a fixed 35 year on the structure of the spa and a 15 year warranty pertaining to the color of the spa.
  • The custom rock, tile, or whatever you may choose to venere around the spa allows a look of your own.
  • The many choices of coping that can be placed on top of the spa is unlimited.  Flagstone, brick, pavers, cantilevered concrete, ect..
  • The look you create by installing an inground spa makes the unit look like it actually was meant to be there, instead of just sitting out on your patio.

Classic Sorrento Spa


  • The cost of purchasing an inground spa is greater than a portable unit depending on the options that you choose on either unit.
  • With inground spas you can't easily access the plumbing underneath like you can with portable units, so with inground spas you see much less jets throughout the spa.  The same generally goes to say with lighting options on the spa.
  • Inground spas are installed with the idea that it will stay at that site, but with portable units you can actually move them to different locations.

No matter which spa type you decide to go with there are things to weigh out on what spa application is best for you and your family.

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Earl's plays in Kevin Derryberry's big celebrity golf classic

Posted by Trent King on Sun, Apr 17, 2011 @ 22:04 PM

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    We finished up 15 under par in the afternoon round and it was good enough to get us a 1st place trophy. This event helps support Kevin Derryberry ministries to share the love of Jesus Christ through giving to the needs of youth homes, prisons, the homeless rehabs, transitional facilities, and more. KDM goes to these areas of need and shares the gospel through music, God's word, as well as meeting physical needs of thousands of people each year. As always it was a privilege to be able to help support an event like this including beautiful weather, good food, door prizes, and great fellowship. If you enjoy any of the things listed, including golf, or just feel the need to give back please come out and get involved with this event next year.  A special thanks to Kevin and everyone behind the scenes that make this event happen each year. Also to Wade Warren, a recent customer of ours, for being able to play on the team in this event. We truly enjoyed it!

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How much time does it take to maintain a swimming pool?

Posted by Josh Bush on Mon, Apr 11, 2011 @ 15:04 PM

Hayward Pool Cleaner resized 600One of the most frequent questions that I have asked to me is, "How much time do I have to spend maintaining my swimming pool?"  I hear stories all the time of people that have had a neighbor, friend or a relative that tell them that they hate their pool because of the amount of money and time that it takes to maintain their pool.  I certainly feel their pain in this area, but with technology advancing with different pool cleaners, salt systems, and vast improvements with the fiberglass pool manufacturers, this is no longer a problem.  The one problem that I find from those that have this complaint is the fact that they don't check their pool chemicals weekly and really don't mess with the pool until it starts turning green on them.

We install fiberglass pools only, mainly due to the question that this article is being written for.  There is no other pool available that is easier to maintain than a fiberglass pool.  Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Fiberglass pools are not a pourous material. (no bacteria and algea bleeding through from the backside of the pool)
  2. The side walls of the pool are slick and are hard for algea to form on.

We install salt systems and automatic pool cleaners on all of our pools.  We include these two upgrades with others to ease the burden of maintaining a swimming pool from the consumer.  My consumers spend less than 30 min. a week to maintain their pool.  We want to enjoy our pool with family and friends, not take care of it so this can happen.  Don't let the myth of pools being a hassle turn you from one of the best investments you can have.  What price can you put on spending more time with the ones that you love.

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9 Reasons: Why I Should Install a Fiberglass Pool.

Posted by Josh Bush on Mon, Apr 04, 2011 @ 15:04 PM

 Riviera 34' w/ tanning ledge

Many of our sales are to homeowners who are installing a new pool for the second or third time. They have owned gunite and vinyl pools before and know all too well all of the problems. ‘We just want a fiberglass pool, it makes so much sense’ is a common statement we hear all the time. So why is a fiberglass pool the smart option?  

Speed of Installation

Your fiberglass swimming pool comes direct from the manufacturing facility, pre-made and ready to install. In fact, you can be swimming in as little as four days. Compare that to a concrete pool that can take months to complete and during that time your backyard looks a mess.

Smooth Finish

Fiberglass swimming pools have a smooth clean gel coat finish that is non-abrasive. There are no sharp edges or rough finishes. Compare that to some pebble pools that are so abrasive they can harm your skin.

Surprising Strength

The high tensile strength of fiberglass will allow the pool shell to flex without cracking to accommodate earth movement. No wonder airplane manufacturers are using fiberglass to build planes!

Maintenance Free

The gel coat finish on a fiberglass pool not only looks great, it's so easy to look after. The surface is smooth and non-porous so it cleans easily and is very stain resistant.

Low Chemical Usage

No one likes swimming in a chemical cocktail but some pools require constant monitoring and expensive chemicals. Not so with fiberglass. The surface is chemically inert so there is absolutely nothing in the pool surface that can alter the water chemistry. Hence, very low chemical usage and considerable cost savings on running your pool.

The Right Choice

Sometimes what we see in our minds doesn't always translate to the pool builder. With fiberglass, what you see is what you get. The swimming pool styles and sizes come off molds and cannot vary in any way.


Salt chlorinators, chlorine, fresh water systems, ozone systems all work wonderfully well with fiberglass swimming pools. Whatever your choice may be, it will be compatible.


Leisure Pools fiberglass pools from Earl’s come with a 35 year structural warranty.  At best with a concrete swimming pool you will get a 10 year warranty – do you hope to have your pool last longer than 10 years?

Consider also that Leisure Pools USA offers a 15 year surface warranty and exclusive Aquaguard® gel coat finishes. Most other fiberglass manufacturers can only offer a 1 year warranty or no warranty at all.

Dispelling the Myth

The most common myth surrounding fiberglass pools and propagated by competitors in gunite pools or vinyl liner pools is that "Fiberglass pools pop or float out of the ground." When you are told this you should immediately ask just how a pool with 80 tons of water in it pops out of the ground.

The reality is that no more will gunite or vinyl liner pools pop or float than will fiberglass pools. In fact any watertight object will float if there is more water under it than in it. Pools can only float when they are drained and the water under the pool exerts upward pressure because there is no water in the pool.

So why would you need to drain a pool? Gunite pools need frequent draining to remove cracks, acid wash, clean stains and re-plaster the pool. Similarly, vinyl liner pools must be drained to replace liners or repair liners. Fiberglass pools carry a lifetime warranty and never need resurfacing so there is no need to drain the pool. So the end result is that many more gunite and vinyl pools float than do fiberglass; don't be fooled.

Anyone concerned with water under the pool should consult their pool dealer and have a simple drain installed so that water under the pool can be monitored and drained if necessary. There is a wide selection of solutions so there should never be any damage to any pool as a result of high water levels under the pool.

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Southeastern Fiberglass Pool Depot Yard is off and going.

Posted by Josh Bush on Mon, Apr 04, 2011 @ 15:04 PM

Pool Depot Yard resized 600

Earl's Pools of Alabama has expanded in the year of 2011 in a few different areas.  Lynn Bush, the owner, has taken on two new positions:  Southeastern Dealer Rep. for Leisure Pools USA and head of the Southeastern Pool Depot Yard for Leisure as well.  This acquisition for the company comes after the purchase of the new property off of I-65 in Calera, AL and the new facility that was built there.  Lynn has been in the pool installation business for the better part of 25 years and looks forward to helping set up other dealers across the southeast as well as educating them in the installation area with his experience he has gained throughout the years.

Leisure Pools USA will now be shipping pools to this facility to be sent out over the southeast.  The first year we have hopes of around 100 pools coming through the new depot yard.  We look forward to building relationships with new dealers all over the south.

The pool installation department of Earl's Pools is now being headed up by Josh Bush, son of Lynn, with over 10 years of experience himself in the pool installation business.  Trent King, son-in-law of Lynn, also plays a big role in the installation department.  Earl's Pools remains a family owned and operated business that prides itself in new innovative products and customer satisfaction.  We look forward to a great year with you all in 2011.



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